DCIS, cancer screening & terminology

As I slaved away last night researching a totally different topic for my weekly blog post, a New York Times website headline grabbed my attention. What exactly did  ”Scientists Seek to Rein in Diagnoses of Cancer” mean? The NYT article … Continue reading

More on breast cancer risk

Months ago, I tucked away a science news report on a presentation at the 2013 Miami Breast Cancer Conference: “Host Factors That Increase Breast Cancer Risk.” I saved it mostly because of the presenter, Debu Tripathy, a cancer doctor/researcher I … Continue reading

Abortion & increased breast cancer risk: Yes? No?

Currently, five states mandate that a woman requesting an abortion receive written information with a section suggesting a possible abortion-breast cancer link. Citing the concept of informed consent, Alaska, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas all produce nicely- illustrated booklets with … Continue reading

Assessing personal breast cancer risk

Say you are a white woman, 38, with one family member with breast cancer–and you want a ballpark estimate of your personal breast cancer risk. Where can you turn? One simple interactive tool, called the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, or … Continue reading